Information for Recital 2018 will be distributed to our registered students in November 2017.



Performance A- 1:00pm 

Performance B- 5:00pm 

See below for classes performing in each show.

Recital 2018 “TBD”

Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 2nd via our TicketPro system.

Tickets can be purchased online or at our Front Desk  

Monday-Thursday 2:00pm-8:00pm or Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm 



For more information regarding Rehearsals, Photo Sessions, Tickets, Orders & Costume details,  

please see the Recital Handbook available in your Parent Portal January 2018.

Login to your Lonestar Parent Portal HERE




PK2 Combo- Ballet (Mon 3:30pm) 

PK2 Combo- Tap (Tues 3:30pm) 

K 2 Combo- Ballet (Thurs 3:30pm) 

Elem. Combo- Ballet (Tues 4:30pm) 

Elementary Jazz (Monday 4:30pm)     


Ballet 1 (Wednesday 3:30pm)     

Ballet 4 (Wednesday 7:30pm)     

Ballet 4 (Saturday 9:00am) 

All Pointe (Mon, Tues, Wed) 


Tap 1 (Saturday 12:00pm) 

Tap 1 (Tuesday 4:30pm)     

Tap 4 (Tuesday 8:30pm)     

Teen Clogging (Saturday 11:00am)     


Jazz 1 (Monday 3:30pm)     

Jazz 1 (Tuesday 5:30pm) 

Jazz 1 (Thursday 3:30pm) 

Jazz 4 (Thursday 6:30pm) 

Jazz 4 (Monday 5:30pm)     


Hip Hop 1 (Thursday 4:30pm)     

Hip Hop 4 & 5 (Thurs 8:30pm)  


Musical Theatre 1 (Thurs 5:30pm) 

Musical Theatre 4 (Thurs 7:30pm) 


Lyrical 3 (Saturday 10:00am) 

Contemporary (Monday 8:30pm)




PK Combo- Tap (Mon 10:15am) 

PK Combo- Ballet (Sat 9:00am) 

Kinder Combo- Tap (Sat 10:00am)     

Kinder Combo- Tap (Tues 3:30pm)     


Ballet 2 (Monday 4:30pm) 

Ballet 3 (Tuesday 7:30pm) 

Ballet 3 (Saturday 12:00pm) 

Ballet 5 (Monday 6:30pm) 


Tap 2 (Wednesday 3:30pm) 

Tap 3 (Wednesday 5:30pm) 

Tap 5 (Wednesday 6:30pm) 

Beg Clogging (Saturday 11:30am) 

Adv Clogging (Wed 8:00pm) 


Jazz 2 (Saturday 1:00pm) 

Jazz 2 (Thursday 4:30pm) 

Jazz 3 (Tuesday 6:30pm) 

Jazz 3 (Saturday 11:00am) 

Jazz 5 (Tuesday 7:30pm) 

Jazz 6 (Thursday 7:30pm) 


Hip Hop 2 (Saturday 2:00pm) 

Hip Hop 3 (Saturday 1:00pm) 


Musical Theatre 2 (Wed 4:00pm)  

Musical Theatre 3 (Wed 6:30pm)  

Musical Theatre 5 (Thurs 6:30pm)  


Lyrical 2 (Thursday 4:30pm) 

Lyrical 4 (Tuesday 8:30pm)