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MANDATORY Prep Classes

MANDATORY Parent Meetings 

Monday, July 6th

Ages 4-6    5:00pm

Ages 7+    6:00pm

Ages 4-6


Wednesday, July 8th

Wednesday, July 15th

Ages 7-11


Wednesday, July 8th

Wednesday, July 15th

Ages 12+


Wednesday, July 8th

Wednesday, July 15th


Saturday, July 18th, 2020

Ages 4-6        10:00-10:30am

Ages 7-8        10:30-11:00am

Ages 9-11          11:00-12:00pm

Ages 12-15    12:00-1:00pm

Ages 16+           1:00-2:00pm

Casting will be posted by 5:30pm.


Sunday, July 19th


Lonestar Collective Dance  ~  Competitive Companies

* For the 2020 Auditions: There will be an option for Virtual Participation in the Prep Classes & Live Audition. If you are Auditioning Virtually, you will need to participate in all events at the same scheduled times to be judged by the same judges for all dancers. This process will be completed with a Zoom Link only sent to Virtual Auditionees.

Lonestar Collective Dance Company is comprised of a dedicated group of students who want to push themselves to the next level competitively, technically and in performance.

In order to be a member of the team, you must take place in both our Mandatory Prep Classes and the Audition. Results from the Audition will be posted on the studio door, on our website, Instagram and Facebook 

by Audition Number only.

Lonestar has two divisions of competitive company, Spark & Amplify. These are our nationally competitive programs, competing up to 9 times per season and include National Competition during the Summer. All companies have required classes that can be found in the Company Handbook distributed to company families at our mandatory parent meetings.

All participants in Prep Classes and the Audition must complete an application and pay an Audition Fee of $25 at the Front Desk 

by Thursday, June 25th, 2020.

Auditions will include, but are not limited to, Jazz Technique and Choreography, Ballet Technique, Tap Technique and an Interview.

We can’t wait to have you be part of our 

Lonestar Company Family, too!