Summer Camps 2018

Level 4 & Up Students

Lonestar Collective Dance is excited to offer Summer @ LONESTAR, a dance experience merging the fun of summer and intensity of dance into one week extreme day camps. Each camp is themed with a discipline of dance and includes top-notch instructors, guest artists, will provide dancers with proper technique and knowledge in the field of dance as well as other activities, such as cardio, fitness, video observations and crafts related to the weeks study.  Dancers will be divided by ability on their first day of camp.


1/2 Day Camp- $140      (2.75-3 Hours)

Full Day Camp- $280      (6.5 Hours)

Ages 2-6

Mandatory Company Intensive

August 20th-24th, 2018 


Schedule will be released once Company Contracts are completed approximately August 1st.