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Year-Round Tuition 

Monthly Rates

45 Min/Week        $55

1 Hour/Week        $65

2 Hours/Week        $95

3 Hours/Week        $125

4 Hours/Week        $155

5 Hours/Week        $185

6 Hours/Week        $215

7 Hours/Week        $245

8 Hours/Week        $275

9 Hours/Week        $305

10 Hours/Week    $335

10+ Hours = Unlimited Classes $335

Homeschool Program Rates

Kinder-2nd        $200

3rd-5th Grade        $275

6th-8th Grade        $400

Rates are per 8-Week Session

Summer Session Rates

1 Hour/Session        $65

2 Hours/Session        $95

3 Hours/Session        $125

4 Hours/Session        $155

5 Hours/Session        $185

6 Hours/Session        $215

Summer Camp Rates 

C.A.M.P.s         $99

Day Camps    $80

Summer Intensive Rates 

1/2 Day Intensive         $250

Drop In Class Rate

$20 per class

Master Class Rate

$35 per class

Unless otherwise stated.

A $55 Registration Fee is required for each student to enroll in classes at Lonestar Collective Dance and covers insurance & supplies for each dancer. 

Beginning in August 2020, there will be a $35 Sanitization Fee per student, per semester. This is to help the recovery and procedures implemented by COVID-19.

LCD tuition is based on the total number of hours a student is in class per week to determine the monthly rate. The same rate schedule is used to determine the rate for a family (2 or more) as well. Tuition also covers the use of our facilities on a daily basis which includes, but is not limited to: Dressing Room, Study Room, Dancer’s Lounge, Restrooms, Picnic Patio, Warm-Up Equipment, Parent’s Lobby, our Viewing System and Front Office Administration, supplies and safety equipment.

Tuition does not cover: Competition Fees, Private Lessons, Rehearsals, Competition Team Rehearsals, Performance Fees, Costumes Fees, Event Fees or Event Tickets.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and late after the 10th. A $15 Late Fee will be automatically applied to your account on the 11th without payment. A $30 Late Fee will be automatically applied to your account after the 30th and your dancer will be un-enrolled from all classes. 

You will receive a statement on the 1st and reminder on the 8th via email.

There are three payment options for tuition at LCD: 

1) via the Parent Portal with Credit or Debit Card

2) at our Front Desk with cash, check Credit or Debit Card

3) or by mail with check.

We accept all forms of Credit Cards and Personal Checks.

For all of Lonestar’s Policies, please see the Student & Parent Handbook in the “Shared Files” section of your Parent Portal.